Who doesn’t love baked potato. Especially this cold winter times in North America. For some recipes, it is very hard to write ingredients and measurements. This is one of that recipes. Up to your tastes and your imagination!


Baked potatoes in oven for 2 hours in 400 F (250 C)

Cut in half, add some butter and grated mozzarella cheese (You can add any favorite grated cheese which can melt : Mozzarella,Havarti, Cheddar ) and with a fork mash them all, keeping in the skin.

Hot dog, bacon, beef, chicken, sausages: Add one or two kind of meat. If you are vegetarian, you can skip that part which is perfectly fine.

Corn,peas, carrots (all cooked or steamed)

Pickles (cucumber or any other kind)

Mayo and or ketchup 

Eat it when it is hot/warm.

Bon Appétit

My daughter used to love this when she was 2 year old. She still likes it but not as much as she used to be….

Oz Confession: I made one more adding to this dish as you can see. Made Kisir which is another recipe to add. Basically: fine bulgur, tomato/red pepper paste with parsley/cooked onion and fresh onion. I think it fits amazing to this dish.



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