When I was a kid, my grand mom’s kitchen was my favorite place. Always so many people were trying to cook something. I grew up in a big family where all the family come together to prepare a special dish together.
I did not show any interest as there were so many people around to help but I always enjoyed to eat and seize the food.

When I was at high school, I remember using my mother’s mixer to make some french crepes. In the end, some how I broke the mixer.

When I was on my own at university years, I did not cook, but still enjoyed the good food and try new cuisines. Then I got married. I was (and still I am) super lucky to have a hubby who knew how to cook and very brave about new recipes. T. (hubby) is my mentor in kitchen. First I watched him, then all my memories about kitchen came back. I still was not a great cook until my daughter was born. First child means, more perfection. Homemade yogurts, baby crackers and weekly baby menus. I am still very picky about weekly meal planning but my son eats healthy but not so much baby food. Whatever we make for us, he tries.

When I started to cook, kitchen essentials which I never used, became more interesting for me.

Victorinox knives are my favorite knives in the kitchen. I heard someone was buying those knives and telling how comfortable they are to use. That’s how I got them. Now I can’t do anything without them.

Veggie peeler is another must. It is hard to find a good one. I have 10 year old Ikea a veggie peeler and victorinox one. Both of them are valuable like a diamond ring in my kitchen.

Blendtec Total Blender is a recommendation of a friend. I was trying to eat healthy and consume more smoothies. That’s how we met. I grind my coffee beans, make amazing smoothies and tomato sauce and many other stuff.

Kitchenaid mixer is super easy to bake when you have two kids. It makes easier to involve your kids in the kitchen.

T-fal Actifry is amazing solution if you love fries and try not to consume that much oil. I am a newbie but very happy how the fries turns out with a little bit of oil. No more smell or waste of oil. Can’t wait to cook more stuff in my Actifry.

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